do i dare disturb the universe?

de L'Arylequine


he looked at me, cross-eyed. „no. no. just no”.
i looked back at him, in confusion: „no, what?”

gesturing towards the wall, unable to look at me completely, he said: „do not get me wrong, the quote is beautiful and it’s poetic, but we cannot disturb the universe. we are too insignificant in this world. the universe is grand. HUGE, ACTUALLY. you cannot even picture it. and it is still expanding. and expanding. how can we even dare to imagine we can even touch it? shake it? DISTURB IT? we are less than ants to it.”

i smiled.
„little strokes fell great oaks.”

he huffed.
„not in this case.”

he hugged me. and kept mumbling about the grandness of the universe. and there’s when i knew. i knew he was making his way into my heart, disturbing my universe.


(gif credits: konczakowski)