de L'Arylequine

Una dintre cele mai frumoase scrisori pe care am citit-o şi care îmi e adresată.

Avak Harnvm Mortus Eget

Dear Arry,

It seems, that human mentality reached a state that I think cannot get so easily out of. There’s a need of a total purge, a rebirth you might say, of ourselves so we’ll succeed to escape this trap. I need new art, new artists, people who think like me but whom also want to have some kind of intellectual confrontation with me.

I think that money corrupted people’s free will. Of course many people don’t even understand (or maybe just don’t care) of the value of money. I’ve seen them stare at the piece of paper slowly getting addicted to it. It’s actually a long history of events which influenced these consequences. We think we need to buy things. Many persons don’t even need material stuff just need to buy shit. The series of manipulations, that we’ve been put through as time passed has got out of…

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